Solution for Head-Butting Goats

I really wish I’d known this back when I had 130 goats! Can you imagine what it would have looked like?

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One thought on “Solution for Head-Butting Goats

  1. an interesting idea about pool noodles and goats. I found another way to stop a buck from butting people. my son was abt 2 1/2 yrs old and in the goat pen with us. the buck pinned him to the fence. i quickly grabbed the buck by the horns (not knowing how delicate they were) and wrestled with a determined goat who when released would rear and attack. for some reason a memory came to mind of a disney movie of mountain sheep head butting for dominance. the one who lost his footing lost the competition and the other prevailed with status. as the buck reared to butt again i grabbed a horn and stepped beside him reached through his legs to the opposite side and jerked them out from under him. he seem surprised got to his feet and did a half hearted rise to butt. i repeated my action and to my knowledge he never attempted to butt a human again. I dont think my goats would put up with pool noodles for very long.

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