Farmers and Ranchers Are The Future

In this week’s issue, we have two articles that describe the important role farmers and ranchers play in creating a healthy planet. In one, ranchers talk about the progress they’ve made protecting the prairie. Without these folks and others grazing their cattle, prairies would grow up in trees, and we’d lose the wide open spaces that wildlife need.. In the other, I share the discovery made by some good friends of mine. A decade of research and data collection on their ranch shows that spreading a thin layer of compost on pastures just once every 20 years can dramatically increase both forage production and carbon sequestration.

Both stories demonstrate the importance of partnerships. Bill Sproul and Jim Faulstich both say they would not have been able to be as successful without their partners. Likewise, John Wick brought researchers, government agencies, and local ranchers together to explore possibilities, ask questions, and solve problems.

In these two stories, you can see some of the things I believe. I believe that good grazing is critical to healthy landscapes and wildlife habitat, and that everyone should support farmers and ranchers so they can be successful graziers. I also believe we are most successful when we build partnerships and work together for the common good. That’s why I’m here at my desk every morning. I’m trying to do my part to help the On Pasture Community be more successful by providing you the information and resources you need.

I hope you find these stories hopeful and helpful. And I hope you’ll remember that we’re partners in On Pasture, so if there’s something you need, let me know!

Thanks for reading!


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