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Here’s the Silver Bullet

Today’s Scoop comes to us courtesy of On Pasture author John Marble and a conversation he and I had this morning about farmers and ranchers trying new things and the ongoing search for a silver bullet that will solve all our problems. Here’s what he shared:

“We’ve all heard the talk about the BIG IDEA that will save the ranch, make you rich, beat global warming, etc. But here’s the reality:

“Making change, making progress, moving toward a happier and healthier business and planet, well, that will require a thousand little tiny silver bullets. What’s more, many of those bullets (those tiny ideas for change) will seem completely unrelated. And that is because they are, in fact, unrelated. Making progress in a complicated thing like a business or an ecological system requires a long-term approach, a degree of patience and rationality, and a willingness to adopt many, many small changes.

“Don’t spend your time looking for the Silver Bullet. Instead, constantly seek small changes that move your ranch along the path you desire. And we hope On Pasture can help: we have 2,272 articles (with 7 more every week) written by smart and successful people from across the planet. They have TONS of great little ideas to help you make progress.”


If you’re looking for something in particular, here are some ideas for finding it at On Pasture.

One service that readers have suggested are booklets of articles so that you can download them and read up on one topic. We can do that. Tell us what you’d like to see, and we can start working on it for you.

Thanks for reading!

Kathy and John

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