Lone Star Ticks and the Red Meat Allergy

This article comes to us from Canada's Beef Cattle Research Council and Shaun Dergousoff, PhD, a research scientist at AAFC Lethbridge focused on tick populations and arthropod vectors of livestock disease. I've added a map of where the lone star tick is found, some info on other ticks that may cause the allergy, and a link to a podcast that interviews a woman with this allergy and how we learned the cause. Recently, a connection between the bite of the lone star tick and allergies to red meat products was established. The “red meat allergy” is often framed as an emerging and alarming public health issue. Although the allergy symptoms can be severe, the incidence is relatively low, even throughout the southeastern United States where the lone star tick is well established. The red meat allergy was first identified in Australia with several hundred cases diagnosed since 1985, and was recognized in thousands of people in the southeastern United States over the last couple decades. This allergy also occurs in people from several other countries around the world. Based on reported cases, it appears that allergy to red meat in the USA is about as common as allergy to peanuts, occurring in only 0.1% of the population. Those who are affected can have very serious and ev

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One thought on “Lone Star Ticks and the Red Meat Allergy

  1. What is the luck of running into two associates within a year with the tick related meat allergy in Virginia? One was a real estate agent (farm and forest properties) and the other believe it or not was a fishing guide that spent most his time on a boat. I quizzed him about his tick exposure and he attributed it a heavy population that occurred in the lawn one summer. Both get really sick when trying to eat red meat much to their dislike.

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