We’re Stockpiling Now for Winter Grazing at Green Pastures Farm

We have 70 days left until our average killing frost date. That means we're starting to stockpile now to extend our grazing season, allowing pastures to grow so we won't have to feed hay this winter. For most folks winter feeding is their largest expense and can be the difference between making a profit or not. The key for us is leaving good residual. Grasses and forbs can grow back more quickly when you leave enough leaf. Even if you're not getting rain, the leaves can collect dew and shade the soil so it retains more moisture, helping with regrowth. This gives our pastures a head start going into the fall so we'll have something to graze this winter. We've also planned and charted our grazing, and managed our animal numbers so that we don't overgraze and we can leave some pastures to stockpile. What are you doing to extend your grazing season? What would you like to know about getting started? https://youtu.be/d5QUgQpT8Io Greg shares lots of great information on his website. Head on over to see more.   One more thing… If On Pasture is helpful to you, then we could use your help to keep On Pasture online. Here’s what you can do: 1. Become an ongoing supporter. This shows grantors and sponsors that readers are committed to On Pasture. Plus it helps pay a few of the bills. 2. Send Kathy an email about how On Pasture has helped you as a farmer, rancher, NRCS staffer or agriculture professional.

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