Tell Me – Show Me – Watch Me: How to Train and Inspire New Hires

In 2004, I stumbled upon a book by Robert Kiyosaki entitled Cash Flow Quadrant.  It really changed the way I looked at what I was doing. I thought we were building a great business, but after reading Kiyosaki’s book I realized we were just creating a job for ourselves. The difference between a job and a business is one of the concepts addressed by Ranching for Profit. There we learned that we do not really have a business until we hire our first employee. Once I changed my thinking and realized that to build our operation we required employees, our operation began to grow quickly. When someone else was doing a lot of the day to day chores, I had time to find more grass to lease and more cattle to graze. In addition, my wife was able to go to college and fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse. At 42 years old it was a pretty courageous undertaking! Hiring an employee requires another set of skills, and they don't involve livestock or grass. To be successful, we need to acquire the skills to manage and train people. Luckily for me I had a great teacher in my first rig manager, Duane Carol. Under his tutelage I began to formally figure out how to train and inspire the people I hire. My strategy to develop people is the focus of this article. Let's start with an example of what I mean. The other day one of my hired hands asked how she should set the gates up in the cor

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