Are You Raising Cattle That Fit Your Market?

Recently, John Marble has been adjusting what he raises on his ranch to meet what his local customers are asking for. Here's what they want, and how that might be impacting you. Of course, things may be different in your region. But this may help you explain what's happening at your livestock auction, or give you ideas for what you should pay attention to.   –––––––––––––––– As I look through the windshield at ranches and farms across this country, I am always struck by one thing: freedom! We get to do whatever we want, and some folks choose to do the darndest things. Isn’t America just wonderful? My own little ranching operation is no exception. I run a seasonal, transient grazing operation that looks like a stocker deal but uses almost exclusively half worn-out cast-off cows from other ranches. Pretty weird. And I wind up with a handful of different products that go to several different marketing channels. Of these, the most conventional items I produce are calves for the mainstream commercial or “commodity” market. Many of these calves are sold to my stocker-operator friend, Paul. A few years ago Paul called to apologize a bit, explaining that he was getting “pressure from above” to reduce the variation in his calves. It seemed that the packers were complaining to the feeders and the feeders were complaining to Paul: "We want more uniform calves." This year, Paul called with a somewhat more defined message:

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