I Couldn’t See the Forest…or the Water, For the Trees

After digging a well and running polyethylene tubing all over the place, my intensive grazing operation was humming right along. Cows never needed to walk more than two or three hundred feet to water and things looked pretty sweet. Then the water problem started. During a dry spell my well struggled to supply sufficient water for the herd and as the drought deepened the well teetered on the brink of extinction. I tried everything to revive that hole. First, injections and changing pumps and plumbing. Then praying, cussing, incantations, tirades, stomping, and throwing things. No dice. The enduring image of the American cowboy is a picture of self-reliance, resourcefulness, and rugged individualism. That’s to say, a cattleman fixes his own problems. So, when faced with an issue we often rely on our own library

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