Are Your Livestock Genetics in Balance With Your Forage?

Selection of production traits that exceed the capacity of the production environment may not increase output, but will increase costs. Now that is a very thought-provoking statement, but its meaning is not hard to understand. If you have bred for more and more production per animal and have not developed the pasture resources to support the increase, you are fixing to spend a lot of money on supplemental nutrition. Until you do what it takes to meet the nutritional requirements of your livestock in a cost-effective way, you are wasting all of that genetic potential walking around in your pasture. Using Genetics Wisely I do not mean to be critical or a smart ass, but I have come to believe that there is more genetic potential out there than some folks can handle. When I was just getting started in this business old timers always emphasized that the bull was half of your herd. There is no question that the bull or bulls that you use can do much to improve your calf crop. But only if the cow herd is provided with what is required for her to do her job. One of the problems that seed stock producers must deal with are the people who buy a good blooded bull take him home and turn him into a bunch of cows in a pasture that is just not in any shape to be called a productive pasture. Th

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One thought on “Are Your Livestock Genetics in Balance With Your Forage?

  1. What specifically should one be looking at to decide if their genetic potential is not being met by their forage?

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