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Goat Health Handbook – Free Download

Dr. Thomas R. Thedford, 1936 – 2018. From his obituary. “”If I were any better,” Tom used to say, “I’d have to be twins.”
Considering all the work he did, the things he knew, and the love that he gave, I reckon he was triplets.”

As a novice goatherd, this handbook saved my bacon a number of times. It helped me diagnose the first case I’d ever seen of polioencephalomalacia, and I was able to save the goat kids that had it. It also showed me how to pay attention and what to look for in my goat herd.

Every time I opened it up, I thanked Dr. Thomas Thedford for taking the time to put this important information into layman’s language. He was a life saver!

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