Multi-species Grazing – Diversification Instead of Expansion

This week, we're talking a bit about diversification, providing some examples of what it might look for different operations and how folks make the decision to diversify. This example comes to us from Suzanne and George England. We also share a story about the Anderson's of Whitman, Nebraska who describe how they decide which enterprises to pursue. Meet Suzanne and George England of Midland, South Dakota. For the past eleven years their multi-species grazing operation has included goats (meat and milk), chickens (meat and layers), and commercial angus cattle. They chose this route as a way to grow their business without taking on the debt load that would have come from buying more land. This 5:17 video is a great look at their operation, describing the benefits to their soil and forage that come from these different species grazing together. What Do You Need to Make Something Like This Work? As the England's describe their operation they also outline the skills and tools that make it possible. A Team - George points out that the business wouldn't work without Suzanne's active participation. The two weeks she takes off her town job are critical to getting each season off on the right foot. Multi-tasking skills - With all the animals arriving and calving and kidding at the same time, there are lots of tasks pulling the team in different directions. Suzanne mentions th

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