Tools for Deciding How to Diversify Your Operation

This week, we're talking a bit about diversification, providing some examples of what it might look for different operations and how folks make the decision to diversify. This example comes to us from the Anderson's of Whitman, Nebraska. We also share the story of Suzanne and George England, who decided to diversify instead of expand.   In this podcast, Rosemary Amderson describes the wide variety of enterprises she and her husband Kevin have taken on over the years and how they decided which ones to start, which ones to continue and which ones to let drop by the wayside. Click here to listen to this 19:06 podcast. Or paste into your podcast app and choose "Using Goals with Ranch Decision Making - A Producer's Perspective." Goals Lead the Way Whether it was running contract heifers, synchronizing and AI-ing them as her grandfather had done, leasing spring cows, running a herd of fall cows, or running a stocker calf enterprise the Anderson's had four goals guiding them: • Make money • Be happy • Raise good kids • Contribute to the industry Rosemary notes that these are goals that many would share. They kept their goals fairly broad, testing each new enterprise against them and asking how each new opportunity or challenge fit. So, when their family grew, they realized that to meet one of their goals, raising

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