Managing for Resilience Begins to Pay Off

I am a fairly young man seeing things I never thought we would. In the midst of a global pandemic we’ve all been shaken out of our normal. I am hunkered in my basement (mostly hiding from a 2-year-old) while making an attempt at teleworking as a soil conservation district technician. My wife is putting together online lesson plans for her high school ag science class. Our daughter has not been to the babysitter in four weeks now, and anything that was routine for her has shifted dramatically. With all this going on, the farm has become our place of solace. It is our firm footing that keeps us grounded in the midst of chaos. The past several days has presented me the opportunity to catch up on some farm work. While going about moving cows and fixing fences I realized something: On this whole 60-acre farm my wife and I are the only ones that know we are in the midst of global chaos. The cows don’t know that the economy just melted down, or that we are now supposed to stand 6 feet apart. I wish our farm dog would have understood social distancing when she found a skunk on Saturday. Shoot, the flowers in the greenhouse were so unconcerned that they bloomed. A little tractor time on Saturday gave me some time to think. I'd guess that if you are reading this website you are implementing some form of “adjective-inserted” agriculture that separates you from the status quo when it comes to farming. I assume that you have already heard of problems other operations are

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