Adding Sheep to a Cattle Operation – Part 2

For the past few weeks we’ve been sharing articles from folks at the American Solar Grazing Association about the business of using sheep to manage vegetation in solar arrays. It might have some of you cattlemen/women thinking about raising sheep. With that in mind, here’s the voice of experience from someone just like you – Brandon Fix of Bell Rule Genetics, a well known registered and commercial beef producer. Read the first in his series here. We went into with the idea that the sheep weren’t going to add much labor to the daily requirement on the ranch and I, personally, went into with the idea that these things need to make it on their own or they’re going down the road. Do not do what I did. Pay attention, step in when necessary, but don't interfere. I don’t want to scare anyone off because it is not a big undertaking, but I have found from lambing last year, and again this year, that a little extra time spent with them during lambing season can pay big dividends. At the same time, too much time, oversight and interference can cause problems too, especially with ewe lambs and twins.

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