Skinny Cows Make Fatter Calves

In 1924 Fort Keogh Military Reservation was transferred to the U.S. Department of Agriculture for experiments in stock raising and growin

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2 thoughts on “Skinny Cows Make Fatter Calves

  1. When Gearld Fry was around 65 he told me an OLD rancher from Montana told him, “Sonny, the wisest thing you can do is try to starve your replacement heifers the first winter of their life.”

  2. Thanks, Kathy for such useful info.
    Reassuring on two fronts:
    —That an informed tolerance for “nutritional stress” during winter may help me select mothers and daughters more suited to a life on forages alone. And may decrease financial stress by buying, hauling and feeding a bit less hay.
    —My family members who don’t feed our cattle in winter, when they tell me at bedtime a few cattle are bawling for more, I’ll feel more comfortable waiting ’til morning.

    Question: We go back and forth on whether to winter dry cows and heifers together. What could this research say about feeding them as a single group in winter? (I’m OK with identifying early the few heifers who don’t fit our system.)

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