How to Stockpile Grass Like a 12-Year-Old

If a 12-year-old were to set up a ranch they would probably make it simple, easy, and fun. That’s the kind of ranch I want to be a part of. Everything I do on the ranch I ask myself, “Could a 12-y

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2 thoughts on “How to Stockpile Grass Like a 12-Year-Old

  1. Hi Tony. The latitude I have most of my experience is latitude 54. Combining herds is the only time I use a calendar date. Since daylight hours decrease consistently, it has been my experience that there are not enough hours of sunshine after Aug 7 to grow significant grass. Certainly the grass keeps growing, however, growth is very slow. For animals to graze through 12″-24″ of snow, the grass must be nutritious and significant volume. Therefore, grass should be clipped prior to Aug 7 and that is the date I use for combing herds. That being said, in reality, my range is between July 25 and Aug 7.

  2. This is a great article and I can see application to my grazing practice. I have two questions:
    First, what is your latitude?
    Second, and more importantly, more importantly than a calendar date, what indicators are you using to combine herds and slow your moves.

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