Solar Panels for Powering Your Farm/Ranch – Here’s What to Consider

If you're wondering if solar power is a good option for your operation, this four-part video series from John Hay and University of Nebraska Extension is for you. Though the series bills itself as information for beginning farmers and ranchers, it's really beneficial to anyone interested in solar power options. I've included all four videos here with a brief synopsis of what they include so that you can choose which order you'd like to watch them in. (I started with 4, and then watched 3, 1 and finally 2 because that worked for me.) Each video highlights critical questions to ask yourself and your installer. They'll give you the background you need to understand what a solar installer is offering so you can make an informed decision about whether a solar photovoltaic system is right for you. Episode 1: Solar on a Farm - Motivations, 2:42 John shares what typically motivates us to consider solar systems to power our operations. He walks through factors to consider for each of these goals, from increasing self-sufficiency, to investment, to reducing the farm's carbon footprint, to marketing to customers. Episode 2: Location and Tilt, 3:14 Ground mounts and roof mounts have different requirements, benefits and drawbacks. John describes how each of these affect tilt and location and provides tips on production and cost for different options. Episode 3: System Sizing, 3:15 Your goals and local regulations wil

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