Overcoming Challenges to Create a Successful Grass Fed Beef Supply Chain

A case study of a regional grass fed beef supply chain that came out this past Spring gives us a good look at how one producer addressed the issues that direct marketers in this business usually encounter. From building a brand and successfully marketing it, to having enough product to meet the demand of customers, and to being able to schedule year round processing, Ken Jaffe and Slope Farms have managed to make things work. Ken's secret? Giving all the participants what they want, and helping them avoid things they don't like doing. Ken Jaffe retired from his family medicine practice in Brooklyn after purchasing 90-acre farm in the the western Catskills of New York. In a few short years, he grew his herd and created a brand "Slope Farms." As demand for local grass fed beef grew, Jaffe knew he'd have to include others in his plan to provide healthy beef to customers. So he contracted with local farmers to buy their cattle, set up a system for processing them, and continued to grow a steady client base. It works because everyone involved is getting what they want most. Beef Producers Farmers want reduced market risk and they want to sell their cattle at a good price without having to run around and find customers. By working with Jaffe, the

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One thought on “Overcoming Challenges to Create a Successful Grass Fed Beef Supply Chain

  1. The most interesting part of this article is the final bit where you point out that building a successful grass-fed beef business is akin to building any other kind of successful business. Managing relationships, being inventive, tracking the goals of customers and suppliers, these are all hallmarks of good business management. I note there are no hints about electric fencing or processing facilities. Well managed businesses should be able to hire great technicians to help with operations.

    Bravo to Ken Jaffe for being a fine, thoughtful business manager.

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