A Simple Spreadsheet For Figuring Forage Availability, Winter Feed Needs and More

I created this calculator for the OP community way back in 2013. The calculator is really an Xcel spreadsheet. You plug numbers into the yellow boxes and the answers you need show up in the dark green boxes. There are several different part to the calculator, depending on the questions you're asking. Forage Available The first section (shown below) was designed to help you figure out how much forage you have during the spring/summer grazing season. The "Total Forage Available" answer it gives you assumes that you'll be leaving at least 50% behind to prevent overgrazing. If you use this answer as you consider how much winter stockpile you have, note that once the grass is dormant, you can graze shorter because the plant is not actively growing.   Forage Needs The next section of the calculator helps you figure out how much forage your animals eat. The first thing you'll notice is that it uses a measurement called "AUMs."  This stands for Animal Unit month. This is a measurement that is more often used in the west where government agencies lease rangeland. One AUM is the amount of forage required for one cow/calf pair, because that was what was most common on rangelands. All you have to do is enter the number of animals you have in each category.  You'll get answers for how much that group eats, and then estimates for daily and monthly rates for the whole herd.   Carrying Capacity I also included a tool to help you estimate your carrying capacity

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