Jim Gerrish Talks “What Really Matters in Grazing Management”

In this 15:39 video, Jim Gerrish breaks grazing down to the very basics to help us focus on the principles behind what we do, no matter the environment we live and work. Starting With Four Basic Ingredients We all work with the same four ingredients: • CO2 • Solar energy • Water • Soil minerals Our job is to manage what we can to make the process of turning those four ingredients into meat, milk and fiber. We have no control over the CO2 or the amount of sunshine we get. But we can manage how effectively we capture solar energy and water, and how we make soil minerals available to plants. If you look at land like Jim does, you'll see that for every acre you manage you have 43,650 square feet of solar panel and water catchment. Decisions we make every day determine how effective the solar panel is and the success of the water cycle. "When you start thinking about the leaf cover, the ground cover that's out there in terms of square feet, square inches, it changes how you view the world," says Jim. "Our primary business is capturing solar energy and turning it into some kind of saleable product. So every time you go out there in the pasture you should be thinking, 'How effectively am I capturing solar energy? How good is my solar panel?'" Time Management As a grazier, one of the key things you're managing is time. As Jim says, time matters - the time that the plants are exposed to grazing, the time that animals are allowed to graze, and the time it tak

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