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Thoughts and Lessons From Decades of Farming

Don and Betty Ashford visited us at the On Pasture booth at the National Conference on Grazing Lands in Grapevine, Texas.

Don and Betty are my adopted Louisiana parents. It’s been great to have them in my life!

I met Don and Betty Ashford in September of 2014 when I went to Louisiana to talk about how to train cows to eat weeds. Betty made Monkey Bread for me, I fed her and all the pasture walk participants cricket brownies and fried larvae, and the cows learned to eat horse nettle, teaweed/prickly sida, and chamber bitterweed.

Don and I had spent time talking on the phone before I arrived to make sure his cows were learning how to eat weeds. And we spent more time while I was there talking about farming and all the things he’d learned over the years. Before I left, I asked him if he’d be willing to write his stories up for On Pasture. He wasn’t sure, but he said he’d try. He did, and that has led to a treasure trove of great articles over the past four years.

One of the most important things to know about Don is that he really cares about the health and happiness of his fellow farmers and ranchers. Because of that he’s involved in all kinds of projects and programs that provide support and education so that farmers and ranchers can be more sustainable and profitable. Don shares what has worked best for him, mistakes he’s made so you don’t have to make them too, and his philosophy on life and being a farmer. .

One of the best Holiday gifts I can give you is this Collection of Don’s articles. Enjoy!

Don Ashford Shares His Decades of Farming Experience

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