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Don Ashford Shares His Decades of Farming Experience

One of the most important things to know about Don Ashford is that he really cares about the health and happiness of his fellow farmers and ranchers. Because of that he’s involved in all kinds of projects and programs that provide support and education so that farmers and ranchers can be more sustainable and profitable. That’s also the reason we asked him to share his thoughts and experience with our On Pasture readers.

Don shares what has worked best for him, mistakes he’s made so you don’t have to make them too, and his philosophy on life and being a farmer. We hope you enjoy this collection.

On Grazing

The Grazier’s Vow

How to Get Started In the Cattle Business

Management-Intensive Grazing Is A Lifesaver

The Grazing Stick: Tool or Toy?

How I Adapted My Grazing When the Weather Made Things Tough

Weeds Are NOT the Problem!

Teaching Cows to Eat Weeds – A Farmer’s Perspective

What Do You See?

Managing Ryegrass Our Way

On Livestock

Sale Barn Calves Success Tips

Making Money With Easter Egg Cows and Rejects

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Black is Only a Color

Why Red Devon?

Breeds for Changing Climates


Is It Possible for a Cattle Operation to Be Sustainable Without a Subsidy?

Grouping Calves For Sale – Good Idea or Bad?

Managing for Margins Makes the Difference Every Time

Frugality is Not a Dirty Word

Insurance – Don’t Be Without It

Learning How to Farm Or Ranch

Are Pasture Walks a Waste of Time?

Only the Learners Survive – Thoughts on How to Be One of Them

Advice For Beginners (and All of Us)

What Makes a Good Pasture Walk?

Farming Philosophy

Are You Working for Nothing?

How Not to Fail in Business

Be Who You Are, Eat What You’ve Got

What is Your Plan B?

Is Where to Cut Costs the Right Question?

What Does Sustainability Mean to You?

“Just Do It” Goes For Farming and Ranching Too

Avoiding “Too Much Stuff”

The Dead Toad Frog

In Praise of the Wheelbarrow

Country Life

Beginning Farming at the Dixon Place

The Froze Cow Incident

Grunt the Pig

Petey – A Lead Steer’s Story

Crossing the Creek

The Benefits of Country Living

I Thought I Had Those Calves Sold!

Pulling Corn and Raising Kids

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