Do You Know Who Your Market Is?

Marketing is the life blood of any farming enterprise. As cattle producers we have sold most of our stuff at the sale barn. We have sold some on a couple of video sales but were not even a little satisfied. Last year we sold some calves to a young couple who are just starting to produce and sell grass finished beef. It seemed to be a good deal for all concerned and hopefully this will be a growing market for our calves. I would like to, with a little patience from the reader, relate two examples of just how important marketing can be the difference between profit or loss and success or failure. One evening our son Donnie and two of his high school buddies Wayne and Gerald came to me and said they wanted to talk to me about something. This in itself was kind of unusual, but after I had recovered from my surprise, I asked about what? They had come up with this idea of a way to make some money by growing and selling, of all things, tomatoes. Wayne and Gerald’s Dad had agreed to the plan and said that he would let them use a piece of ground on his place if I also thought it was a good idea. Knowing how it is very easy to start a project, but sometimes it gets very, very hard to see it to the end. I asked a few questions just to see if they had really thought this out. Why tomatoes? Everyone that I know puts out a few tomato plants every spring. Where is

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