It’s Time to Start Thinking About Frost-Seeding Legumes

Frost seeding is one of the least expensive ways to enhance the stand of legumes in your pastures. It is basically the process of broadcasting the legume seed onto the soil surface during the winter d

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time to Start Thinking About Frost-Seeding Legumes

  1. RE: “Red clover for example is better suited for hay than most white clovers because it dries better.” The farmers in my area think red clover the hardest to dry as hay; those who have a lot of it make haylage.

    A note about grass competition. I have no way to get cattle onto two fields to graze it down. So I have tried various methods to help the red clover seed to get a good catch: use an Aerway, close mowing, light discing. But the best method was putting clover seed on top of some dry manure and then spreading that on the field; it provides uneven distribution of the clover but gives a good seedbed at the same time you spread the seed.

  2. Thanks Victor, for clear instructions and reminders. Red clover is the bulk of our frost seeding each year. But we also have established trefoil, chicory, lespedeza, and even orchard grass thru frost seeding. We enjoy learning what works here…starting small then scaling up the next year.

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