How I Adapted My Grazing When the Weather Made Things Tough

This past year saw some crazy weather to say the least. Folks in our part of the country (Louisiana) were afraid that there would not be a sufficient amount of moisture to grow enough grass to make hay. And then it rained and rained and rained. From August 10 until August 17 it rained over 20 inches. South of our place it probably rained more than that and then the flood happened. This was well covered by the news people so it is not necessary to retell the story. But what this did was create a situation that really made the grass grow. Then the weather turned. The ground began to dry out and the hay cutting started. Folks put up hay that would only be good to build hen nests or for bedding. (This reminds me of a story that Ron Morrow told once. He said that he bought some hay one year that wasn’t very good but it was cheap and he really did need some kindling.) As hard as it may be to believe we were in a drought situation after the flood. The temperature stayed over 90 and the ground began to crack open on the west side of the Mississippi from us. September was really dry and the first weeks of October saw little improvement. For most producers in our area Oct. 15 is

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