New Brush Control Philosophy Works for Ranchers

This article first appeared in the 2015 Proceedings of the 6th National Conference on Grazing Lands held in Dallas last December. “As land managers, if we focus on dealing with problems we will c

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3 thoughts on “New Brush Control Philosophy Works for Ranchers

  1. The most important part of this received very little attention. It will be the grazing method that will keep the brush in check.
    The ranchers need to study other projects before implementing a grazing plan.
    Most likely it will require severe grazing at certain times, than full recovery of the beneficial grasses before hitting it hard again. Small paddocks with a lot of ground disturbance should be considered.

  2. I wonder if root plowing or dozing (if the huisache is to big) would be a better alternative? Treating it chemically you will still have the dead plants taking up valuable space.

    1. and a lot of good, hard wood for the next range fire unless removed. I know goats will eat some. Best bet is always to hit it when in bloom, goats or spraying. The plant is already stressed making blooms, and then it has to try to come back and rebloom before summer hits it. Works with mesquite, I’m told, if livestock are trained to eat it.

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