What Do You See?

In his book, "Rising Tide - The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 and How It Changed America," John Barry describes serious discussions that would have lasting effects on the United States and the Gulf Coast for decades to come. For those who are not familiar with the circumstances of the story the decision being discussed was to decide if the levee was to be dynamited to try and save New Orleans. Naturally there were disagreements and finally any kind of solutions to the problems seemed insurmountable. At one point two of the principal players in this drama had reached an impasse that caused negotiations to break down completely. John Barry explained it with this one sentence: The two did not so much see things differently, they saw different things. Now most of us hopefully will not face a dilemma of this magnitude but reading this made me realize just how differently some folks see things in their pastures and with their livestock. Anytime I walk out in a pasture of green, growing grass the first thing that I do is try to calculate how many head this will feed for how many days. Most of the folks down here will try and guess how many of those big rolls of hay it will yield. There are folks down here who will short their cattle of forage in the summer so that they will have hay for the winter. We are looking at the same pasture of grass but

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