Cage Free Eggs Are Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

The results of a 3-year study were released last March and they show that the health and well-being for cage-free hens and the people who care for them is actually worse than the conventional caged system. This comes at a time when visibility for how our eggs are produced is on the rise. Recently, actor Ryan Gosling wrote an open letter to Costco requesting that they begin selling eggs raised by cage-free chickens.  A few weeks later, Brad Pitt and comedian Bill Maher, and the New York Times Op-Ed page joined him in a call to "Free the Chickens." The study shows why cage-free eggs probably isn't giving them what they want. Cage-Free Birds Are Not Significantly Healthier, But They Might Be Happier The Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply, which conducted the research includes the American Humane Association, McDonald's, Tyson Foods and many other large scale egg producers and consumers. The study compared the three most used methods for egg production: Conventional Cage (which provides 95% of the eggs in the United States), Enriched Colony, and Cage Free Aviary. Overall, the cage-free system compared poorly to the other two methods in its impacts on hen health and well-being, worker health and safety, food affordabil

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2 thoughts on “Cage Free Eggs Are Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

  1. The young girl who worked for me previously got a job at a Mennonite farm that raised Certified Organic Welfare Approved Cage-free eggs for Whole Foods. There were THOUSANDS of birds crammed into a large barn with little ventilation. She was given two five gallon buckets–one to pick up eggs out of the litter that weren’t laid in the nesting areas and the other to pick up the dead birds. She was given no mask, gloves, boots or otherwise. After she had worked there three days, they paid her—$5/hour. It was less than minimum because they were paying her cash. They refused to allow their own children to work in the barns. She quit and called me to say, “Now I understand….”

    1. That’s unnerving, Sandra – for the girls’ health, and we as consumers. Thanks for sharing.

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