Black is Only a Color

I really appreciate Mr. Don Keener’s comments on my piece "Breeds For A  Changing Climate." I know now that at least one person is reading my stuff. His comment brought up some thoughts to share. Now y’all understand most of what I write about is from my experiences. I have owned Brangus cattle and thought that they did a decent job. But when the black craze came along we thought the price that some folks were willing to pay made them too expensive for us to own. Now some would think this would be a reason to keep these cattle, but we are in the business of selling grass. And if we can keep the cost of production below the market price, color to us is not that important. We have sold cattle on video sales, private treaty sales and the sale barn. And to be very truthful we have only lost money on one deal and this was because we trusted a person that we should not have trusted. Again to be truthful some of our deals have been just above breakeven but that to us is better than no profit at all. As far as what the buyers want, let me tell two stories about that. The first year we sold cattle on the video was OK. This set of stocker calves did well and we made money but the video guy suggested that for the next time we should try and make the cattle all look more alike. It seems that the buyers like them better this way. Now this first set that we sol

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3 thoughts on “Black is Only a Color

  1. Thanks for this timely reminder, Don. My old friend Duane told me many years ago that you “buy” your profit when you buy the animal. He meant that if you are paying attention, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of margin that calf will be bringing you a month or 6 months from now. He also taught me about “upgrading” cattle. If they are sick, you can treat them. If they’re skinny, you can feed ’em. If they are singles, you can sort them and group them. But if you are starting with nice, fluffy, straight black #1s, there ain’t much upgrading to do. And likely, very little margin. Consequently, I buy a lot of unusual, off-color cattle, and they do just fine for me. Plus, they make people laugh: spots, stripes, horns, laughing all the way to the bank.

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