Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk: Our 2018 Ranch Walk-About

We were just getting started, gathering into a loose circle in front of the barn. I began by introducing myself and my wife, Cris, and welcoming the entire group, especially those folks we didn’t really know. A young woman standing a few feet away suddenly pointed straight up, her face looking at the sky, and fairly shouted: “Turkey Vulture!” “Gosh, you seem pretty sure about that,” I said, looking at her quizzically. “Oh, sorry. I’m Bethany, Andrew’s sister. I work for the Forest Service as sort of an ornithologist. I like birds a lot. Sorry.” “Well, Bethany, that’s perfect. I’m sure we’ll have some questions for you today.” And so, with that buzzard sighting, we began the 2018 version of our annual Ranch Walk-about, a casual day of wandering around the ranch, looking at plants and animals, soil and water, and talking about all kinds of things related to agriculture and ecology. Before we left the headquarters, I asked each person there to say a few words about who they were and how they wound up here on a fabulously beautiful spring day. This year’s group was sort of typical, in that we had people from all walks of life: school teachers, suburban families, an airplane mechanic, a realtor, a carpenter, a medicinal plant expert, and on and on. Mack and Zach, two young boys fresh from Outdoor School, volunteered to be our scatological experts. Turned out, they were pretty good with tracks, too. A local couple were nominated t

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  1. This was one of the most encouraging articles I have read in a long time. Thank you very much.

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