Petey – A Lead Steer’s Story

I shot Petey. It was not an accident but rather it was something that had to be done. This is the story of why that was such a sad event, and how much Petey added to our lives. Petey was a big steer that one of our granddaughters, Kallie, left here. As a young calf, Petey arrived at the pre-conditioning outfit that Kallie and Rusty, her fellow, run in South Mississippi. He was part of a load of calves destined eventually for the feed-lot. For the next few weeks Kallie and Petey established a relationship that was quite unusual on a place that usually ran several hundred head of cattle at a time. Any time that Kallie was where Petey was able to see her he would come to her. Naturally she started to pat him and talk to him and so it follows that they became buddies. Later when it became time to ship the calves that Petey had arrived with, Kallie called Robert, the man who owned them, and told him that she was going to buy Petey and not put him on the truck. Robert called her back and told her that this calf was not for sale and to load him with the other calves. Well Kallie being Kallie, she wrote the man a check for the value of the calf and when the truck pulled out Petey watched it leave. I am not really sure just what it was that happened, but one day Kallie and her fellow Rusty had a falling out and she called and said she was coming to live down here until

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4 thoughts on “Petey – A Lead Steer’s Story

  1. Great article, Don. Ours is a cow named Zoo who is definitely up there in years. Not looking forward to the day that she is unable to keep on.

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