July 13, 2020

Beef Basketball

This seems like a recipe for disaster. I don’t think one of the players really understands the rules. (Click on the play arrow to activate video.) 

June 29, 2020

Will Eating Dirt Make Us Smarter?

Back in 2014, there was a lot of buzz about how a bacteria found in soil may help reduce depression. But that’s not the only thing dirt might be good for. Additional research shows that same bacteria might even make us smarter. Let’s start with depression.  Based on results in lung cancer patients, who said […]

June 15, 2020

Field Bindweed – A Nutritious, Overlooked Forage

It’s high in protein – capable of adding 2.2 pounds of gain per day – and spreads 10 to 18 feet a season, AND cows love it. You should too!

March 23, 2020

How to Teach Cows to Eat Weeds in Just 8 Hours Over 7 Days

This works for any animal – so whatever you’re raising, check it out! In 2004, I taught a small group of heifers to eat Canada thistle, leafy spurge and spotted knapweed. I was inspired by two decades of research on how animals choose what to eat, and by ranchers’ (perfectly reasonable) refusal to incorporate goats […]

March 16, 2020

Weeds Cows Can Eat

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June 21, 2019

11th Annual South Poll Grass Cattle Field Day and Cattle Auction

Join us on June 21-22, 2019 at Mountain Glen Farm to learn about the South Poll Grass Cattle breed,  get inspired by world renown Joel Salatin and his farming aficionado son Daniel Salatin of Polyface Farm, take a pasture walk with grazing guru Greg Judy, feast upon locally raised 100% grass-fed beef cooked to perfection […]

January 31, 2019

2019 GrassWorks Grazing Conference

3 days of educational sessions all related to grass, grazing and animals.

April 28, 2018

AlAnn Ranch Alpacas Annual Shearing

Come work with 30 pastured alpacas to relieve them of their fleece! Saturday only. Hands-on and spectator events. Retail opportunities also.

September 21, 2015

Did You Know Your Herd Has Its Own Culture? Yep – And That’s Why They Eat What They Eat!

Your livestock can eat a lot more of what’s in your pasture than you might think. The only thing that holds them back is their “culture” or what they’ve learned from their mom and herd mates. Here’s the background and what you can do to make a difference.

July 20, 2015

Training Livestock to Leave Streams and Use Uplands

Cattle can damage streams and surrounding vegetation (riparian areas) by over-grazing riparian vegetation, breaking down banks, decreasing water quality, which can reduce fish populations and wildlife numbers. Suggested solutions to this problem have traditionally ranged from the cost prohibitive – constructing fences along waterways – to the extreme – removing livestock completely from rangelands. Using […]

November 3, 2014

Petey – A Lead Steer’s Story

We all have a story about an animal on our place that was more than just livestock, but was a part of the family. Here’s the story of Petey the lead steer and how much he brought to the Ashford farm.

October 27, 2014

Can Animals Figure Out What Minerals They Need?

Not only will this help you understand if you should provide cafeteria minerals to your herd, but it will also give you some new insights into how creatures choose what to eat.

December 16, 2013

Mother Knows Best – Why Your Livestock Do What They Do

We are used to thinking about forage type, nutrition and quantity as we raise our animals, but we overlook what animals might be learning from Mom and herd mates. Since what a young animal learns about food has life-long consequences, knowing more about this process can help us be more successful managers.

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