In Praise of the Wheelbarrow

In his book "If You Want to Be A Cowboy, Get A Job" and other insults about the way modern ranches are run, Stan Parsons quotes a South African livestock producer: "The biggest piece of machinery you

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One thought on “In Praise of the Wheelbarrow

  1. Good Morning, Don! We fed and maintained 1000+ broilers in pasture pens with a borrowed wheelbarrow. 2 sacks of feed is a walk in the park. 4 or 5 sacks started getting tricky in the mud. One time I tried to scratch my nose while pushing an empty wheelbarrow. I “tossed” one handle up in the air and expected to scratch my itch and catch the handle on it’s way down, maybe skid a little but still pushing with the other hand while giving a twist to counteract gravity I assumed the forward motion would continue. Well my quick calculations were wrong and the front end dug in right when I “tossed” the handle and it shot up in the air and almost knocked out my front teeth.

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