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Right-Size Grassfed Cows


What makes a successful grassfed operation? Well, one important ingredient is the right kind of cow, and that’s what I’m talking about in this 3:20 minute video. I took it at the end of April just as the green grass was coming on to show you the kind of cows I’m raising so that I can make a profit. These South Poll cows have come through a rough winter, with their calves still on them because we haven’t weaned for about 13 years now.

While other folks are feeding cattle grain to get them marbled, and worrying about competition from the people raising chicken, I’m looking at herbivores capable of gaining good weight and making you a profit on nothing more than grass. But if you’re going to do this, you’ve got to get the right animals, not those great big monsters!” Our 900 to 1000 pound South Poll cows are perfect examples:

And the right bull is important to getting to this point. You can’t just get it at the sale barn. Below are some of our South Poll bulls that run about 1200 pounds when mature.

Though the South Poll was bred for the hot humid south, there range is expanding our bulls are doing well from Utah all the way to the east coast and from Nebraska all the way down to the Mexico border. I even have several producers with them in southern Minnesota. If you’re interested, you can learn more about our bulls and how we raise them here.

Finally, here’s a something I hope you will remember:

“If you can read a newspaper by holding it wide open and sitting under the cow, just remember:
that air between the belly and the ground sells for NOTHING. So the more leg you have on your animals the higher maintenance they’re going to be.”


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