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Turn Sunshine Into $ by Understanding How Plants Grow

By   /  February 1, 2021  /  1 Comment

In preparation for the 2021 grazing season, let’s go over a little science about how your pasture plants grow. It’s something every grazier should know and we’ve added some ideas about how you can use this information to get more out of your grazing program.

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The goal for pasture-based producers is to sustainably convert sunlight to net cash income. Understa
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About the author

Ed is the Forage Extension Specialist at West Virginia University. He works with other specialists, county agents, farmers, and NRCS staff in developing and implementing on-farm research and educational programs to support pasture-based livestock production and helps landowners develop economically and environmentally sustainable production systems on their farms. He was technical editor for the four volume NRAES book series on pasture-based livestock production. He previously worked for the USDA-Soil Conservation Service in western New York as a Grassland Specialist serving dairy and livestock producers in the 15 western counties of New York. Ed, his wife Sue, their three border collies, and 30 cows manage a pasture-based farm in Preston County West Virginia

1 Comment

  1. George says:

    I know I have cried about winter being too muddy, even too cold, I have read and heard Victor Shelton say free concrete this time of year is welcome. I can only smile with snow before the upcoming arctic weather, how snug our pastures seem with 8” of snow protection when temps actual and wind chill drop below ZERO, cows went out after snow and played like we did when we were children, with increasing winds they look at me like I am crazy when I open the gate let them out.
    A lot of words to say we should take time to eat the roses even in winter.😀

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