Make calving more fun and less work

This week we share some of the economic reasons for moving calving time to May. But John Marble has noticed that talking about economics - a discussion of costs, inputs, margins, and all that other stuff that either: 1) Puts people to sleep, or 2) Makes them mad as hell. So he's come up with another reason that might motivate folks. From May of 2018, check out John's reasoning. I was at a meeting a while back where the leader asked a simple question: “What is the most important thing ranchers in this area could do to improve their business?” Silly me, I suggested calving from early April to early May instead of the cold, cruel, subversive month of February. “Oh for cryin’ out loud! We calve that late all we’ll have is a bunch of 400-pound leppy calves to sell. That’s crazy.” Truth be told, there were some cuss words in there too. Well, I’m slow, but I’m not altogether stupid. I’ve decided that if I were going to try to influence people about when they should calve, I’d have to look for another reason beyond economics, and this year I found it: it’s called Having Fun! Here’s how I reached that conclusion. A Note About My Business Model I have a rather unusual ranching model. I run a transient, seasonal grazing opera

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One thought on “Make calving more fun and less work

  1. Kathy, thanks for all you do. This is spot on how cool is it to see a calf at day 2 following mom or catching a sunny nap just across the wire from where mom is grazing. Tons of more fun than checking to see if they are still with us.

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