How to Hand Raise Goat Kids

I first published this story in November of 2017. It's full of great lessons about caring for young animals and for those faced with hand-raising a lot of baby goats or lambs, the early weaning feed recipe is a life saver. There are a number of reasons you might be raising goat kids by hand. Back in 2000, my reason was Johne's disease. Two of my wethers died of Johne's, raising concerns that other animals might be infected as well. Since this was a research herd at Utah State University, management of suspect animals was very strict. The University was concerned that the disease could be passed to the offspring through mothers' milk. If I wanted to keep the kids from the 32 pregnant does in the herd, I was required to raise them all by hand. This video shows how we successfully raised and "weaned" about 60 kids. To be sure you're successful, here are key points to keep in mind: Feed your does in the evening so the babies are born in the morning. I wish I could remember who told me this would work, because he or she deserves a lot of credit for making my and my team's life easier. At first we weren't sure it would work, so we set up schedules for checking the animals periodically during the night. After awhile, we could see that it was working, and we slept through the night and showed up bright and early to see what the does had ready for us. Try it! I think you'll like it too! Purchased colostrum doe

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