One Grazier’s Experience With Ultra-High Stock Density Grazing

Increasing the density of animals on a piece of pasture changes grazing behavior, and is one tool graziers can use to meet certain vegetation goals. From May of 2016, here's what Steve Freeman learned

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One thought on “One Grazier’s Experience With Ultra-High Stock Density Grazing

  1. I worked with UHSD systems all over eastern Iowa. I am a believer in fast moves and 250,000 pounds per acre or more with dry cows in the first and second trimester. I am a bigger believer in a 60 day minimum rest with longer in the dryer and maybe southern parts of the U.S. I also saw that as soils regained health then forage responded and then my producers could maximize gains. In Iowa with a 34″ rainfall and temperate climate, 2% O.M. and good soils it took about 3 growing seasons. Increasing available acres during 3rd trimester and peak lactation helps with weaning weights etc. I’ve also had producers cull cows that couldn’t mentally make the shift to high density and weren’t capable of competing for forage.

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