Moving Livestock Watering to New Heights

Getting water to the herd can be one of the most challenging parts of a grazing system. Without water, weight gain takes a dive, or pastures become unusable. On the other hand, those luck enough to ha

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One thought on “Moving Livestock Watering to New Heights

  1. Thanks Kathy.

    I would remind readers in the USA that there are some fabulous opportunities to protect riparian areas through an NRCS program called CREP: Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.

    CREP is a trade-off of sorts for land-owner ranchers, but it’s a very good deal, in my humble opinion. We have given up nearly all of our riparian zones for wildlife and water quality, but the program has paid 100% of the fencing, water and forestry costs. Plus, we receive a modest annual rental payment for every acre that is protected. Our buffer zones are teaming with wildlife and native plants. We have recently embarked on our final CREP project and I am thrilled to be taking care of our land and water resources. CREP projects now represent the backbone of the infrastructure on our ranches. Getting the cows out of the creek is simply the right and smart thing to do.

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