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The Thinking Grazier – Tools for Expanding Your Brain

This week I’m introducing a new column. “The Thinking Grazier” goes beyond the hows and how-tos of grazing to focus on developing our skills as problem solvers. It’s not about “what” to think, but about “how” to think, how to develop your observational skills, and how to apply what you learn so you can adapt principles and practices to create a successful operation and personal life.

Real Life Examples

The best graziers I know are deep thinkers – philosophers even – with many and varied interests. They see connections between seemingly disparate topics, and then they use those connections to create interesting and beneficial solutions for themselves and others. They’re involved in their communities, and they work to help everyone improve. With “The Thinking Grazier,” I’ll introduce you to examples of how these people think through problems to create something that works for them. You can use the follow-on questions as prompts for thinking about how you might apply their lessons.

Thinking Differently

Our brains have a lot to do just keeping our bodies going, so sometimes they can fall into thinking ruts. In future issues, I’ll be sharing readings and exercises to help you jump the rut and stretch your brain so it can create new connections and do more creative problem solving. I can promise you it’s fun and rewarding. At least that’s what my student interns always told me. 🙂

Improving On Pasture

I hope you’re enjoying and benefiting from the new additions to On Pasture and the changes to the publication schedule. (Read more about them here.) As always, if you have suggestions for topics or things I can do better, do let me know.

Thanks for reading!


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