Time to Start Prepping Your Pastures for Fall

My dear Mother always said that the older you get, the faster time goes, she was right. I really don’t know what happened to the summer. But here it is, August already. This is the prep month for th

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3 thoughts on “Time to Start Prepping Your Pastures for Fall

  1. Just getting into fall grazing and getting away from feeding lots of hay throughout fall and winter.

    I don’t have a no till drill yet will not be able to afford one until next year. So for this year I have lots of rage weed and black berry bushes out in fields. Should i bush hog them down and then just go out and hand seed with a broad caster and hope it germinates? I do this with Turnips and it normally works. Although wanting to try some other forages. What do you suggest for my situation. I have about 15 acres i’m going to try this on this fall.

  2. About late-maturing orchard grass. Do you mean to use the no-till drill and seed right into a living, existing, declining alfalfa sod? If so, must the alfalfa be clipped or grazed right to the ground or what? Thanks for any help on this question. Curt Gesch

    1. Yes, you can no-till drill orchardgrass into failing alfalfa fields. It is best to do so after the last mowing/baling.

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