Is There Science Behind That Supplement You’re Taking?

This is more "grazier-related" than grazing-related. Here's to your health! Does coffee cure heat disease? How about coconut oil for ending obesity? And green tea - is that really a cancer preventa

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2 thoughts on “Is There Science Behind That Supplement You’re Taking?

  1. Kathy, you should go find the studies linking cholesterol levels with heart disease since you mentioned that as an example. You might be surprised to find that although there is a ton of hype about this conventional wisdom there is very little solid research linking the two. Some of the original studies that established this paradigm were later discredited.

    Actually there is a correlation between the lower cholesterol and lower heart disease. But, there doesn’t seem to be any correlation between lower cholesterol levels and reduced chance of death overall. If your cholesterol levels are extremely low you’re more apt to die from something else before heart disease has a chance to attack.

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