Winter Grazing and Weaning Calves

The ranchers in this 4-minute video don't bring their cattle in and feed them over the winter. They've found that bale or swath grazing is a much more economical, low labor way of carrying their stock through the winter. Here they talk about when and how they wean and feed their calves as part of their winter grazing systems. Some separate calves from moms, others leave the calves with their moms through the winter. Some graze swaths, others bale graze. Take a few minutes to find out what these ranchers learned about what worked best for them based on their goals, their resources and feed quality in this video that is part of Alberta Agriculture's excellent series on winter grazing systems. It could save you from making mistakes you don't have to make. Want More? To find out if swath grazing is for you, check out this article by Jim Gerrish. For tips on making swath grazing work, visit this section of our On Pasture library. If swath grazing doesn't work in your region, bale grazing could be for you instead. We have bale grazing how-tos in this section of the On Pasture library. Transcript Doug Wray, Wray Ranch, Irricana, Alberta: The weaning event is - walk into that corral get separated from mama, she stays in the corral and the calves are in the grass outside the corral and then they go to swath grazing pretty quick from there. Being out in the open all winter on th

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