The Largest Source of Grazing Articles and Videos

This past year, On Pasture supported the Virginia Forage and Grassland Council’s Farmer Mentor Program by donating three free months of access to On Pasture. As we get ready to work them again this year, we got a note from the program coordinator saying mentees found that On Pasture was the largest source of grazing articles and videos they’d seen, and they were not aware of this resource before they started the program.

So, that’s good news and bad news for me. The good news is that readers I want to support see value in what I’m doing. And, we have a big archive of articles – about 3,000 right now. I’ve also worked hard to find information and curate a collection that gives graziers what they need right away so they don’t have to spend valuable time searching everywhere. I’m glad it’s working. It means ‘m achieving one of my primary goals.

The bad news is that they didn’t know about On Pasture before. And that’s something you can help with. If you think On Pasture is helpful to you and you have friends and colleagues that would benefit from it, you can forward this email to them. Then they can try it out by subscribing to the free option and take ten days to explore content to find out if they’d like to become a paying supporter.

There’s one more part to all of this that I’m still working on – helping folks find the articles they need. We have a search tool, and you can click on any of the topics at the top of the page to explore more, so that’s one solution. Another is adding links to current articles, something I’m working on each week. I’m also looking at how online libraries help readers find materials to see if that might give me some ideas. If you have thoughts on any of that please do let me know. Many heads are always better than one.

And as always, if you have ideas for topics On Pasture should cover, or suggestions for things I can do better, do let me know. I rely on the On Pasture community to help me make sure I’m doing the best I can for everyone.

Thanks for reading!


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