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Rest and Recovery – Don’t Wear Out Your Pastures

As I write this, I’m thinking about the Grass Whisperer and a little rant he shared with me some years ago. It went something like this:

Neighbors were looking at his lush pastures and commenting about how lucky he is to have such great soil and to get so much more moisture than they do. I remember his voice getting louder, and moving up an octave in his exasperation. “It’s NOT LUCK! It’s planning for rest and recovery! It’s that I don’t graze everything down to the ground and then wonder why I don’t have any grass left! I tell them! I show them! I’ve even helped them write grazing plans! But they never change!”

Those are good points as we head into grazing season. So – if you’d like to have more grass, fatter livestock and more money in the bank, here are four articles to help you give your pastures the rest and recovery time they need.


Here’s What Reducing Pasture Recovery Periods Can Cost You

Rest is Not a 4-Letter Word – Timing for Pasture Recovery – Part 1

How Long Should a Pasture Recovery Period Be? – Part 2

How To Determine Your Recovery Period: The Magic Of Thirteen

Need a grazing chart or instructions on using one? Here you go!

Your 2023 Grazing Charts from Troy Bishopp – Choose a chart, make a plan, and get a life!

And your funny!

Fun With Peas

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