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David Kitner

David Kitner
David Kitner has been involved in ranch management for 45 years. Since his arrival at Killam Duval County Ranch in 2001, he has made many changes. What once was an over-stocked, over-grazed, over-hunted ranch has been transformed by his management. His strong work ethic and honest, principled business practices have earned him recognition around the state as an excellent ranch manager and individual. He has an extensive background in cattle, wildlife, and range management. The ranch was awarded the Lone Star Land Steward Award in 2010, and David was named the Outstanding Conservation Rancher in 2012 for San Patricio County. David is Chairman of the South Texas Grazing Land Coalition and also sits on the state advisory board for Texas Grazing Land Coalition. Some of the many improvements David has made have been the implementation of rotational grazing, pasture rest, and water improvements. Well over 100 miles of water pipeline have been installed, with over 100 water troughs being added also. This has had a dramatic effect on both cattle and wildlife. The ranch is grazed mainly as a stocker operation.

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