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Matt Poore

Matt Poore
Dr. Matt Poore has devoted his career to pasture-based agriculture in the Southern USA. His training in forage utilization in mixed diets by beef and dairy cattle at the University of Arizona stimulated his interest in the complex interactions of the ruminant animal and the forages they depend on. During his career at NCSU Dr. Poore has done research on a wide variety of forage topics including; improving understand of forages as receiving crops for confinement animal waste nutrients, the impact of grazing cattle on stream water quality, the utilization of tall fescue in stockpiling systems, local niche meat systems, and how alternative supplements, forages and forage management techniques fit in beef production systems. The impactful extension program he directs "Amazing Grazing" teaches ecological principles relevant to the effective management of pasture-based production systems to diverse audiences including producers, extension agents, veterinarians, and conservationists. Currently Dr. Poore continues with his own programming while providing leadership to the NC Cooperative Extension Animal Agriculture Program Team. While much of his energy has been invested in these professional programs, he also is engaged in production and continues to manage his family's farm at Virgilina, VA, where they raise 110 brood cows and finish most of the steer calves on pasture for the local beef market.

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