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Free Grazing 101 ebook and online courses

The National Grazing Lands Coalition has teamed up with On Pasture and Yvette Gibson, an online learning specialist in grazing science, to bring you the information you need to be a successful grazier.

These resources are free to you, thanks in part to funding from the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and donations from the editors and authors. They’re part of a larger outreach and collaboration effort to provide assistance to those stewarding our nation’s grazing lands.

We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions as we work on additional ebooks and learning resources for you. Drop us a note!


In Grazing 101 we introduce the principles you need to:

• Manage for soil and pasture health,
• Choose the right fencing, watering systems, handling facilities and livestock, and
• Work smarter, not harder, and actually make a profit.

Don Ashford introduces you to the basics, and shares his philosophies developed over sixty years of working with livestock, and other experts add how-tos that demonstrate principles in practice.

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Coming soon: Grazing Planning 101, a how-to for designing a grazing program. Add your email address here to be notified when it’s available.



Online courses

Learn Grazing and Recordkeeping Basics

These courses help you understand and think about grazing and/or record keeping for your farm or ranch regardless of where you live or what animals you graze. They are divided up into short units, and the short assignments are focused on your grazing operation. So, by the time you’re finished, you should be well on your way to your own grazing plan and/or recordkeeping plan.

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Grazing 101

New to grazing? Want to improve your grazing management?

It all starts with the “why” behind the fundamentals of grazing management. Understanding the “why” empowers you to make grazing management decisions specific to your land and objectives. The “why” helps you make choices to minimize the negative impacts, and leverage the benefits of grazing.

In this course you’ll learn:
• why and how animals graze,
• the ecology of grazing,
• guiding principles of grazing management,
• how to calculate carrying capacity and stocking rates, and
• how to design a grazing plan.


Don’t know what vegetation and land records to keep or how to collect the data?

It can be challenging to manage grazing properly and be a good land steward if you don’t gather the right information about your land in the right way.

In this course you’ll learn:
• what grazing-related and land records to keep and why
• how to collect and analyze forage production data to determine the carrying capacity and stocking rates of your pastures.

30-Day Challenge

Here’s the best of both courses in daily digestible doses!   

Are you short on time, but want to start building your understanding of grazing and land management? Here are the basics. Spend less than an hour a day with us for 30 days and get going quickly! Then, when you have more time, you can take on the full courses.


If you’d like to take these courses in person, Yvette will be teaching them on December 9, 2021 at the National Grazing Lands Conference. Find out more here!


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