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Free Grazing 101 ebook and online courses coming soon!


This spring, beginning graziers will have a new, free resource to help them get started on the right foot. The National Grazing Lands Coalition, On Pasture and Yvette Gibson are working together to bring you an ebook and two online courses.

Online Course

Yvette Gibson is a pioneer in teaching field-based science online, and has led the charge to offer the first online Rangeland Science degree in the U.S. She’s using her expertise in online teaching and her background in Natural Resources Rangeland Ecology and Management to create two courses: “Grazing 101” and “Record Keeping for Graziers.”

These courses speak to graziers no matter where they live or what animals they raise. They’re divided into short units to so they fit easily into anyone’s busy schedule. Your homework takes place right on your own operation, so while you learn, you’re also making on the ground progress! By the end of the courses you should have a grazing management plan and/or a record keeping plan mapped out.

Here’s what’s on the way:

Grazing 101 Ebook

Kathy Voth, publisher/editor of On Pasture, and the ebook’s editor says, “When I was a beginning grazier, I often didn’t know the questions to ask, and when I did, I rarely had a mentor to turn to for answers. Knowing what I know now, this is the ebook I would have wanted to read.” The ebook also introduces readers to a new grazing mentor, Don Ashford of Ethel Louisiana. Don has been raising cattle of one kind or another since 1959 and On Pasture readers will recognize him from having written a lot for On Pasture. He shares his thoughts, philosophies and experiences throughout the ebook.

Here’s the Table of Contents to give you and idea of what’s coming:

If you’d like to be notified when the course and ebook are available, sign up here. And don’t worry, this is the only list you’ll be added to.

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Kathy Voth
I am the founder, editor and publisher of On Pasture, now retired. My career spanned 40 years of finding creative solutions to problems, and sharing ideas with people that encouraged them to work together and try new things. From figuring out how to teach livestock to eat weeds, to teaching range management to high schoolers, outdoor ed graduation camping trips with fifty 6th graders at a time, building firebreaks with a 130-goat herd, developing the signs and interpretation for the Storm King Fourteen Memorial trail, receiving the Conservation Service Award for my work building the 150-mile mountain bike trail from Grand Junction, Colorado to Moab, Utah...well, the list is long so I'll stop with, I've had a great time and I'm very grateful.