February 24, 2020

To Unroll or Not to Unroll? What Gives the Most Bang for the Buck When Bale Grazing?

The other day my buddy, Steve Kenyon, and I were discussing why concentrated bale grazing is so superior for pasture rejuvenation versus unrolling bales. Steve is the author of ‘The Calendar of the Year-Round Grazier,’ teaches a course on how to graze year-round, and has been bale grazing for more than 20 years. Steve is […]

February 4, 2020

Montana Soil Health Symposium: 2020 Vision & Beyond

SWCDM and Montana NRCS are hosting the Montana Soil Health Symposium on February 4 & 5 in Billings. The 2020: Vision and Beyond Symposium will feature leaders in regenerative agriculture, and discussions with producers about their experience implementing soil health practices. Breakout sessions will include producer panels and presentations on winter grazing, cover crops, intercropping, […]

October 18, 2019

Greg Brann’s Pasture Walk

A gathering and open conversation about managing root causes not just symptoms. Strategic weed management. Flerd management of cattle and sheep, farrowing and finishing hogs in the woods and grass management. Rsvp

July 30, 2018

This Winter, Improve Soil Health (and Your Life) With Bale Grazing

Bale grazing is a good tool for improving soil health while reducing costs. This 4:49 minute video from the Natural Resources Conservation Service gives some great tips for setting bales, managing cattle, and getting good results. As you’ll see, the farmers and ranchers using it have found it to be very beneficial to their soils, […]

December 2, 2013

Bale Grazing: Feed the Cattle, Feed the Pasture

If you didn’t have a chance to stockpile forage for winter grazing, here’s another way to make your life easier, your animals’ lives better, all while improving your pastures.

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